Bicycle Spokes

Whether you’re replacing the spokes on your bike or building a new custom bike wheel, Wheel Building Parts carries a complete line of high end bicycle spokes from Sapim’s Strong single butted spoke for heavy usage and the more traditional Race double butted spoke and straight gauge spokes.

Wheel Building Parts carries double and single butted spokes from DT Swiss including Aerolite Bladed race spokes, high end bicycle spokes that come in a variety of colors. Choose from silver, black, white, or red.

How to buy online

Buy your bike spokes online from Wheel Building Parts, the best website for buying your bike parts online. They have the best prices on spokes and washers as well as other necessary accessories if you’re a serious cyclist or a weekend warrior.

Wheel Building Parts carries DT Spoke Freeze which was developed in conjunction with Loctite. Spoke Freeze prevents the connection between the spoke and nipple from loosening by locking the nipple in place.

Need help?

If you’re building a bike from the ground up, let the customer service experts at Wheel Building Parts help you find the bike wheel spokes that fit your specific needs. You can buy any quantity of spokes from our online catalogue and we offer free shipping.