Bicycle Hubs

Bicycle hubs are critical for every biker. They determine the friction coefficient, which sets the speed at which the cyclist can accelerate. Make Wheel Building Parts your one-stop online shopping site for the best prices on bike hubs, wheels sets and rims and other custom bike part parts. We carry bike hubs from such manufacturers as Chris King, DT Swiss, Industry Nine, Power Tap, Project 321, and White Industries.

At Wheel Building Parts we carry high-end bicycle hubs online in a variety of colors, hole counts, and drive train options.

How to buy online

Wheel Building Parts is the best website for buying bike hubs online. Look at our online catalog, and then speak to a customer service expert who can assist you with the size, make, and color of bicycle hub that you need.

Need help?

Call one of our customer service experts to get advice about ordering your bike hubs online. Visit our website to view our extensive inventory of bike hubs and other accessories. You’ll save time and money by shopping online at Wheel Building Parts.