Bicycle Nipples

When building a set of custom wheels, you’ll want to include the best quality and highest performance parts. For ease and convenience, Wheel Building Parts has an online catalog of bike nipples with a variety shapes, sizes and cool colors to choose from. We also offer them in different materials to meet your needs. If you’re like most cyclists, you’ll want to keep a supply on hand in case of breakage or wear. Take advantage of our bulk pricing to stock up.

How to buy online

Order bicycle nipples online and choose your favorite color to kick up the custom appearance of your bike. If you’re replacing standard parts on your current wheel set, you may want to consider locking nipples this time around to save time on spoke preparation and for an extra measure of durability.

Need help?

It’s easy to shop online with Wheel Building Parts. With a wide variety and large stock on hand, we’re definitely the best place to buy bicycle nipples. Still have questions? Speak to an expert in our technical support department to get knowledgeable suggestions and advice.