Boyd Onxy Carbon Brake Pads

Boyd Onxy Carbon Brake Pads


The Onyx Brake pad by Boyd Cycling is the newest and most advanced brake pad yet. It is good to use for any of our carbon wheels, clincher or tubular, and any model year.

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The most important feature of this new brake pad is heat dissipation. We made a focus on a brake pad that will not develop high heat in prolonged braking circumstances. In our torture test that consists of continuous braking at 17KgF for minutes on end the highest temperature reached was 104 degrees Celsius. With the same testing lab, we tested the brakes at 17KgF braking power for 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off for an hour. The temperature would rise and fall, but the highest temperature reached was only 68 degrees Celsius.

One set comes with four brake pads, enough to outfit your entire bike with new pads. Both Shimano and Campy style are available. Please note that on the first ride there may be a little material that comes off after the first couple times of using the brakes, this is just the top layer and is meant to come off. If you have just installed the brake pads for the first time you may not want to do a super hilly route on that first ride with the brake pads. The top layer of the brake pad can stick to the rim and that will accelerate the wear of the brake pads for that ride. It’s encouraged that after your first ride you wipe down both the brake pads and the rim with a rag and rubbing alcohol. This quick step will only take a few seconds to perform but will greatly prolong the life of the brake pads.

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Boyd Brake Pads For Carbon

Shimano (4) Pads, Campagnolo (4) Pads

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